• Benzyl alcohol

    Benzyl alcohol CAS No. : 100-51-6 EINECS No.:202-859-9Molecular weight: 108.13HS Code: 2906210000Molecular Formula:  C7H8OStructural Formula: Properties and application:Used a

  • L-(+)-Tartaric acid

    Structural Formula:Properties and application:Tartaric acid is the natural ingredient which is existing in grapes or other fruits (such as bananas or tamarind, sweet angle), also the main organic acid

  • Mandelic acid

    CAS No. : 611-72-3; 90-64-2EINECS No.:210-277-1Molecular weight: 152.16HS Code: 2918199090Molecular Formula: C8H8O3Product description:Mandelic acid is a white crystalline solid that is soluble in wat

  • Methyl thioacetate

    CAS No. : 2365-48-2EINECS No.:219-121-7Molecular weight: 106.14HS Code: 2930909099Molecular Formula: HSCH2COOCH3Melting point (°C): -24°CBoiling Point(°C): 42-43°C (10 mmHgFlash Point(°C): 56°CWater s

  • N-Methyl formamide

    CAS No. : 123-39-7EINECS No.:204-624-6Molecular weight: 59.07HS Code: 2924199090Molecular Formula: C2H5NOMelting Point:-4℃Product description:N-Methyl formamide is colorless transparent liquid with am

  • 2,2-Azobisisobutyronitrile/AIBN

    Structural formula: Properties: White crystal or powder, insoluble in water,soluble in methanol, ethanol, acetone, ether and other organic solvents,,Melting point:100-103℃.Character is not stable when

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